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London Negative Air Machine Rentals at great prices

negative air machine rentals London
We Rent Air Scrubbers

Eco-Pro London offers air scrubber rentals of the HEPA 500 Defendair, one of the most versatile Negative Air Units on the market.

This unit has a small footprint, it is very light and is a workhorse for the industry. It is truly a restorer’s best friend when needing performance that is reliable and affordable.

Uses For Air Scrubbers Include:


  • Post Construction Dust
  • Allergen Removal for People with Respiratory Problems
  • Fume Removal (VOCs)
  • Asbestos Removal Services
  • Mould Removal Services
  • Carpet Removal
  • Demolition
  • Sanding
  • Any Remodelling Project

We are London’s top source for air scrubbers, odor control units as well as negative air machines. We also provide support services for contractors such as post construction cleanups, post-renovation cleaning, carpet cleaning and much more.


Contractors! Renting our Air Scrubbers will show you care about your clients

By using an air scrubber, also known as a negative air machine it dramatically reduces the airborne dust particles and keeps the client’s home as well as the air quality much cleaner.

By reducing the dust, it reduces the cleanup time after the construction and renovations and rest assured that is a welcome bonus to your client. It really puts you and your company in a higher class of service.


Negative Air Machines Also Are Used For Odor Control

air scrubber rentals London

When it comes to odor control services in London, we have you covered. If you are on a job site and your products emit VOCs or bad odours, you can rent an air-scrubber and we will install a carbon filter into the unit that will remove the unwanted smells from the room. These units are quite powerful as they move 30000 cubic feet of air per hour through the HEPA unit.

London odour control

In addition to the filters, we also have cartridges that can be installed on the blower end of the unit which will emit a vapor that will eliminate odors. This technology is from VAPORTEK and is cutting edge. This is very useful for flood restoration, mold, as well as an anti-smoke treatment for rooms that have been smoked in. Ask about our VAPORTEK products for odor control.

To order any product, for air scrubber rentals in London simply call us today at 226-289-7473 or fill in our contact form here and one of our associates will be happy to help you out.