Hotel and Restaurant Carpet and Floor Cleaning

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hotel carpet cleaning

Hotel and Restaurant carpet and hard surface cleaning is different than cleaning in a residential environment. First and foremost, the traffic level is exponentially higher which causes the surfaces to wear at a much faster rate. By having your carpets, tile and grout and flooring properly cleaned and maintained will ensure it lasts it’s maximum life without having to spend large on costly replacement.

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning and tile cleaning

restaurant carpet cleaning In relation to restaurants, it is important to consider using non-toxic cleaning products that are eco-friendly and safe for your customers. As well having a carpet cleaning and hard surface expert cleaning service provider like Eco-pro, you can rest assured that the end results will always be amazing.

Spots, stains and spills are always at the top of the list of things that need to be removed by your carpet cleaning services, but it is also important to note that preventative measures like applying a stain guard can reduce your over all maintenance and allow your dining room to look fantastic for a much longer time between cleanings.

We are exclusively offering Greenguard Carpet and upholstery Stain protector.

The world’s first green carpet protectant. Also when having your carpets cleaned, you should also consider having your banquet seats cleaned if they are upholstered, as well as dining room chairs. restaurant furniture cleaning


Patrons may never remember clean chairs, but they ALWAYS remember dirty ones!

Don’t be the one they remember that way, and make their experience as perfect as it can be. Our method of upholstery cleaning is unique and by far the best in London.


Eco-pro also can provide you with top-notch tile and grout cleaning services, which has a huge overall impact on the restaurant. We also can clean, and shine any flooring surface and apply a high gloss show room wax shine that is non slip and very attractive. restaurant tile cleaning One of the great things about Eco-pro is that we offer cleaning services 24/7 so that it never interferes with your business schedule. Late night cleanings are no problem, and we are completely bonded and insured.

Hotel carpet cleaning, mattress sanitation. We can offer emergency cleanup services.

hotel room carpet cleaning Hotels can have guests that have “accidents” both in bed or anywhere else in their rooms or hallways, main lobbies, on furniture or anywhere else on the premises. Eco-pro cleaning services are 100% certified and trained to deal with all of these situations.

It’s very important to realize that blood, urine, feces and vomit and other bodily fluids are considered to contain blood borne pathogens. From a practical and a liability standpoint, most regular hotel staff and janitorial staff are not equipped or trained to deal with these substances.

For a hotel, or any other business it makes sense to call a professional to deal with these problems as they can be resolved quickly and the areas, and furniture can be restored to working order ASAP. We offer a blood, urine, and bodily fluid cleaning service specific to mattresses.

This can be done on a case per case basis, or a regular maintenance program can be put in place. We also offer an anti-tobacco cleaning service for non-smoking rooms that have been smoked in. Regular cleaning programs keep your hotel guests happier, and keep your reviews looking good.

Reputation management is a huge part of the service industry, it’s always to put your best foot forward. With Eco-pro you have the best working for you and as your partner.

We also do bar and nightclub cleaning. With the types of things that are on the floors, you need us!


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